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If you are a registered U.S. voter, please sign our petition to the US Government to legalize marijuana.

You will receive an e-mail from us requesting that you confirm your registration. When you confirm, we will add you to our petition. We believe that with enough publicity, press coverage and word-of-mouth that we can create a grass-roots campaign to legalize what a majority of U.S. citizens already do: enjoy marijuana for its medicinal benefits.

Here's the SuperGreen plan:

$50 annual card fee to the U.S. government whereby you - as a registered user - agree to not operate machinery nor drive within 5 hours of marijuana use and have in your possession not more than 2.2 pounds (1 kilo)

$500 annual card fee to the U.S. government whereby you - as a registered grower/distributor/sales agent agree to not engage in any illegal nor criminal activity.

We estimate that this would generate $1.5 billion dollars annually to the U.S. Treasury in user-fees alone.

Here's our math: 150 million voters. 50% smoke pot. 40% will get "legal" with a card.

We estimate that 100,000 voters will become growers/distributors. This will generate an additional $50 million dollars.

If we can get 60 million registered voters (about 40%) to sign our petition, we believe that this will send a message to Congress to decriminalize what should be a legal substance and un-clog our justice system.

Please tell your friends and co-workers about and sign our petition! Thanks.