Legalize Plant Based Marijuana With Federal User Fee & Education Campaign To Legalize Plant Based Marijuana Federally

We are in the process of re-writing a new petition to the US Government to legalize plant, bud, and leaf marijuana and plant cannabis.

Please tell your friends and social media about the SuperGreen plan. This word-of-mouth grass-roots campaign can pre-empt the current confusion at the State level, and allow States to create their own laws that would now comply with Federal law (legalizing plant based marijuana/cannabis but allowing states to regulate the manufacture and sale of edibles.)

Here's the Simple SuperGreen plan:

$50 annual card fee to the U.S. government whereby you - as a registered user - agree to not operate machinery nor drive within 5 hours of smoking actual plant cannabis / marijuana, and agree to not drive or operate heavy machinery within 36 hours of eating THC edibles. This legalizes all forms of cannabis and CBD and emphatically educates users of the precautions necessary when using THC edibles.

Edibles are very different than smoking cannabis and can stay in your system a longer time and it is easy to overdose on edibles, even though an overdose is rarely fatal. An overdose will impair you the next day after use if you ingest a large amount.

We estimate that this user-fee/education card would generate $3 billion dollars annually to the U.S. Treasury, as well as educate people that it's not okay to use marijuana and drive, even if it is medical marijuana, or edibles. This is what is actually happening in states where cannabis is legal. Lack of education, users are eating edibles on the way home from a highly-regulated store. Overdosing, and spending the next two days recuperating. SuperGreen makes it legal to grow, possess, and distribute plant cannabis, as well edibles. States can regulate plant or thc edibles, but it becomes legal at the Federal Level, and the feds get their $3 Billion cut in exchange for educating users of the risks. Legalization will also allow CBD research without the fear of legal repercussions. CBD has great medical research potential.

Here's our math: 150 million voters. 50% already use medical or recreational marijuana, legally or illegally. 40% of the voting public will get "legal" with a card.

Legalizing marijuana in the U.S. will help unclog our justice system and normalize the sale and use of cannabis, and encourage medical research.

Currently, dispensaries and manufacturers in various states are navigating ever-changing state laws and regulations and the concern of not being in complance with Federal laws is always looming and limits transactions to cash.

Please tell your friends about and sign our petition! (once it's live) Thanks.